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The practice takes briefs and executes consulting and contracting engineering services on projects of varying sizes.  The following fields are fully covered:-


Electrical Engineering:

 ·             Electrical Services in various types of buildings, Multi-storey Office Buildings,    Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Residential Blocks of Flats and Industrial Buildings,

 ·                     External Electrification, Street Lighting and Security Lighting,

 ·                     Fire Detection and Alarm Systems,

 ·                     Central Music/Public Address systems,

 ·                     Security surveillance and alarm system,

 ·                     Television and Satellite systems,

 ·                     Telecommunication Systems,

 ·                     Stage Lighting and control,


Mechanical Engineering:

·                     Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System,

 ·                     Refrigeration and Cold Stores,

 ·                     Lifts & Escalators,

 ·                     Kitchen, Laundry, Equipment and Boiler Plants,

 ·                     Hospital Mechanical Equipment,

 ·                     Steam boiler and piping system.

 ·                     Nitrogen and compressed air piping system.

 ·                     Fire Extinguishing system (FM200)



Sanitary Engineering

·                     Plumbing Systems,

·                     Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution Systems,

·                     Storage Reservoirs,

·                     Pumping Stations,

·                     Ground Water Resource Management,

·                     Wells,

·                     Water Quality Management,

·                     Sewer and Sewage Treatment Plants,

·                     Sludge Handling and Disposal,

·                     Industrial Waste Treatment and Disposal,

·                     Refuse Collection and Disposal Systems.


Industrial Engineering

·                     Conveyors, Cranes and other Mechanical Handling Systems,

·                     Industrial Plants and Machinery,

·                     Industrial Safety Systems,

·                     Operations Research,

·                     Plant Evaluation,

·                     Energy and Waste Management,

·                     Waste Reclamation,

·                     Noise Control.