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Upon taking a brief, OJ & T Consulting hold discussions with the Client/ Architect to ascertain the wishes of the Client in detail.  A preliminary report is then prepared and submitted to the Client out-lining our interpretation of the Client’s wishes and seeking confirmation that our interpretation is correct.

The preliminary report also highlights the problems posed by the Client’s wishes, the methods we propose to use to run the project on the agreed time schedule.

 A detailed program of work is agreed with the Client at this stage, and there-after, definite efforts are made to run the project on the agreed time schedule.  Progress reports are submitted to the Client regularly at times agreed with the Client.

OJ & T Consulting uses the Project Team concept in the execution of its projects.  By this concept groups of highly skilled members of staff are organised under a Project Manager to undertake the project with support as needed in certain disciplines from Associates and other specialists drawn from Universities, Industry, etc. in order to meet the specific and unique needs of the particular project.

The Project Manager provides the link between the Client or Architect and the Project Team.  He holds regular meetings with Client/Architect to provide the Client with the opportunity to review the work at different stages of completion and to alert the Client of problems that require the Client’s inputs for their solution.

Review teams are set up internally with the Principal Consultant and other key staff and for short term experts to give technical direction to any given project to ensure that the Client’s wishes are satisfied and also that the high level of technical excellence thatOJ & T Consulting is committed to is attained.




The qualifications and experience of our key professional staff are given below.  OJ & T Consulting in addition employ a number of young professionals, technicians and draughts men.





Tunde Olaniyi is a young dynamic engineer with new innovative ideas in Mechanical and Electrical Services Consulting and worked for 5 years with F.A.O. Phillips and Associates (A major key player in M & E Services Consulting in Nigeria) where he gained a lot of experiences by handling most of their big projects.

He attended Yaba College of Technology where is bagged HND in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering and later went to Obafemi Awolowo University where he bagged a B.Sc. degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Power & Controls Option).


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The practice takes briefs and executes consulting and contracting engineering services on projects of varying sizes.  The following fields are fully covered:-


Electrical Engineering:

 ·             Electrical Services in various types of buildings, Multi-storey Office Buildings,    Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Residential Blocks of Flats and Industrial Buildings,

 ·                     External Electrification, Street Lighting and Security Lighting,

 ·                     Fire Detection and Alarm Systems,

 ·                     Central Music/Public Address systems,

 ·                     Security surveillance and alarm system,

 ·                     Television and Satellite systems,

 ·                     Telecommunication Systems,

 ·                     Stage Lighting and control,


Mechanical Engineering:

·                     Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation System,

 ·                     Refrigeration and Cold Stores,

 ·                     Lifts & Escalators,

 ·                     Kitchen, Laundry, Equipment and Boiler Plants,

 ·                     Hospital Mechanical Equipment,

 ·                     Steam boiler and piping system.

 ·                     Nitrogen and compressed air piping system.

 ·                     Fire Extinguishing system (FM200)



Sanitary Engineering

·                     Plumbing Systems,

·                     Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution Systems,

·                     Storage Reservoirs,

·                     Pumping Stations,

·                     Ground Water Resource Management,

·                     Wells,

·                     Water Quality Management,

·                     Sewer and Sewage Treatment Plants,

·                     Sludge Handling and Disposal,

·                     Industrial Waste Treatment and Disposal,

·                     Refuse Collection and Disposal Systems.


Industrial Engineering

·                     Conveyors, Cranes and other Mechanical Handling Systems,

·                     Industrial Plants and Machinery,

·                     Industrial Safety Systems,

·                     Operations Research,

·                     Plant Evaluation,

·                     Energy and Waste Management,

·                     Waste Reclamation,

·                     Noise Control.


OJ & T




OJ & T CONSULTING was established in 2000 by Olaniyi, John Olatunde after having experiences from Consultancy firm. This firm is established to provide consultancy services in the field of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.


OJ & T Consulting is a young dynamic organization that can provide competent professional services; single handedly or in partnership with other consultants, in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Transportation and Project Management.

OJ & T Consulting is staffed by personnel and supported by facilities that have enabled the successful planning design and supervision of projects in these fields.

 In addition OJ & T Consulting utilizes the services of other high caliber professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, management, finance, etc., who work in association or as short term experts to provide any specialised skill required on any given project.


OJ & T Consulting also collaborates with other Architectural, Civil Engineering and other Consultants to provide consultancy services on any engineering or building project.



Thursday the 20th. OJ&T CONSULTING
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